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Brand new feature available in your app (Android and iPhone): book an hotel!

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Wipolo  iPhone and Android updates are available on the stores! THE brand new feature of these versions is: the hotel booking with 3 clicks! Now let us tell you why you’ll love it!

Our leitmotiv in the Wipolo team is to simplify your traveler life and make you save time! We designed this booking hotels feature with that goal in mind.

Concretely, how does it work? We preset hotels in your destination for you, and you can book one of them within 2 minutes (not more, we counted).

You save time because you don’t need to fill the dates and city field: the hotel search is based on your trip plans needing an accommodation. And they are quality hotels: located in the city-centre, high-score rated, the wifi is included (we are connected travelers, don’t we?!)… Of course the best available rate is guaranteed, by

In your application, you can discover your hotel selection in the “booking” button available everywhere in the app. All your plans needing an accommodation are listed here with the hotel selection linked to.

You can also book your hotel directly in your trip itinerary. A fake hotel plan appears in your trip (only if you need an accommodation) between two transportation plans.

Your opinion matters. Share with us what you think of this brand new feature, and help us to improve it! Please leave a comment below or drop us an email to

Wipolo Pro is now free: receive notifications concerning your transportation

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We decided to offer you a great gift for your summer holidays (available even after): Wipolo Pro evolves and is free from now! It means you’ll receive real-time notifications when you travel indicating your train track/ your flight boarding gate, and their delay.

Every day we work on the same mission: to simplify your traveler life! Thanks to this brand new feature you’ll save time: you won’t go to the train station or to the airport whereas your train or flight is delayed or cancelled. Wipolo would have told you on time! And you won’t have to wait and be jostled in front of the information boards any more: Wipolo would have indicated what is your train track and boarding gate.

How to receive your notifications on your smartphone?

> You use the Wipolo iPhone app

It already works! All you need to do is to make sure you accepted to receive notifications from Wipolo when you used the app in the first times.
To check you accepted the notifications or to activate them, here is our beautiful tutorial explaining how to do!

You use the Wipolo Android app

The only thing you need to know (and to do) to receive your notifications is: download the last Wipolo Android app update! It’s available on Google Play since July, 8th.

Here is a tutorial explaining how to set the notifications you want to receive.

Do you have any question concerning that feature? Drop us an email to support[at] or send us a tweet @Wipolo! We’ll be very glad to know if you enjoy our gift, don’t hesitate on sharing your feedback with us!

Have a great summer and happy travels!

Brand new android app available: what’s new?

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Here it is! The brand new Wipolo Android app is available on the store, at last! What did we prepare for you in this app? You can discover it by yourself with downloading it here, or follow the guide below!

Why you should download this huge update:

> A beautiful brand new design
Have an experience more comfortable and intuitive thanks to the brand new design

> A faster app
The app opens every time from now. If you had encountered issues in launching the current app; it’s over! The app is definitely faster to use also.

>Follow your friends travel news
Launch the app and discover right here the newsfeed of your friends’ trips: who travels, where and when. Like and comment your friends’ trips to share with them your tips about their trip destination, or just wish them “bon voyage”.

Click on the trip news to know the details of your friend itinerary.

On the top of the app, you can also view the calendar of your friends’ departures and arrivals for every day.

>Add and edit your trips directly in the app
Want to show off your friends with your next upcoming trip to New Zealand, or to complete your trip with a plan? You just changed your train booking and you’d like to update your trip itinerary on Wipolo? You can do it directly on your android app within 3 clicks!

Download the brand new Android app update here and please give us your feedback: do you like/dislike it? What should be improved on it? We listen to you and we are very interested in knowing what you think about it: let us a comment below this post or write us an email to support[at]! Thank you!

Wipolo tips #5: Try out the magic trip creation feature!

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Here at Wipolo we love helping you to share your trips with your friends and… simplifying your traveler’s life! To achieve this goal, we have an amazing feature we’d like to show you:

This creates automatically your trip itinerary into your Wipolo account:  no need to fill in your trip details manually!

How does this work?

1-      Forward your confirmation booking emails (hotel, train, flights, activities, events, car rental…) to
We don’t take into consideration whether you used, Expedia or anywhere else:  it works with any booking platform!
2-      Our magic tool extracts the main information from your emails and creates a beautiful trip itinerary in your profile!
3-      Log in to your account on or to your Wipolo app on your smartphone. Here it is!
Check all your trip details: your hotel location and phone number, your flight departure and arrival times, your train seat… All what you need is available everywhere and anytime without having to search for ages in your email accounts.
Take the time to discover useful tools such as the currency converter, the weather forecast in your destination and much more…

Moreover, if you download your mobile app and log into your Wipolo account you’ll get 5 extra chances to win your dream trip at the Wipolo Summer Contest!

P.S: Don’t forget to register the email address you usually use to book your plan on your Wipolo account! Here is the link to do so 😉

Tips Wipolo #4: Create your destinations wishlist!

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New York, Bali, Iceland, Tokyo, Roma… You probably dream on going in many places around the world! On Wipolo, you can create your amazing wishlist and share it with your friends! Check out right here the destinations Wishlist!

On, you probably already know the “I want to go” button.  You can check all the destinations you want to go in the new wishlist page! And complete easily all the destinations you didn’t add to your wishlist yet!

Check out also your friends’ wishlist in their profile to complete your own, or discover crazy destinations you never heard about.

Have fun with your wishlist: display it using the map or photo mode, or sorting it by continents

When you add a city to your wishlist, tell with whom you want to go there by tagging your friends! They will love dreaming on this great trip with you! read more »

Tips Wipolo #1: Try out the Wipolo travel passport!

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Doesn’t it feel good sometimes to get carried away with your travel stories and let yourself swell with pride with the thought of having traveled far and wide? Try out the Wipolo travel Passport!

Filling your Wipolo travel passport is really easy: simply click on your visited countries on the map! Then you’ll be able to compare your passport with your friends’ ones: Who is the biggest traveler? Who is an Asia lover? Discover which traveler your friends are!

Earn achievements by updating and keeping track of your visited destinations on your Passport. read more »

Wipolo Tips #2: Get all your travel plans in your mobile app

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Do you know that Wipolo is available for 5 different mobile devices? This means that you surely can download the Wipolo mobile app on your smartphone to access all your travel plans at any moment and everywhere!!

iPhone, Android, Samsung Bada, Blackberry, Windows Phone… what’s yours? Download your (free) mobile app here! Then, access to all your travel plans and their details at any moment. Want to plan a meeting with a friend? But “Oh no”, you don’t remember when your train departure is on Friday! In one click check it and you’ll be able to tell your friend whether you can have lunch with him/her before your trip or not!
On your mobile app, enjoy useful tools such as weather forecast, money converter, syncing with your agenda, GMT…

Wipolo mobile apps work OFFLINE! read more »

Rediscover your trip itinerary!

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We’ve improved your trip itinerary. Rediscover it with a brand new design, more information and the comment feature! Here is some more details, follow the guide!

First is the “trips” tab in your Wipolo profile, which is displaying your trips list. In one glance, you’ll immediately see what’s new. More stats are displayed on the top, while a day countdown shows you your next trip departure!

Let’s continue then with a trip itinerary. It is now displayed in a timeline mode and we added the pictures of your trip steps. You’ll certainly enjoy this new trip itinerary more comfortable and clear!

Finally, let’s finish the new trip itinerary discovery with the comment tab. You can now comment your friends’ trips within their itinerary (and not only on the news at the trip creation). Share all your trips tips and get the ones from your friends! Or just have fun  discussing traveling.


We’re always glad to read your feedback, it’s very helpful to improve Wipolo. So, don’t hesitate on telling us what you think of that new trip itinerary in the comments below the article or write us at We hope we’ll hear from you soon!

The best features of Wipolo in a brand new iPhone app!

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You liked our Wipolo iPhone app? You will definitely love the new one! Download it right here. All your favorite features on are now available on your smartphone: the Destination Wall, the Newsfeed, the “add trip” and “add a plan” features…and much much more! This new iPhone app is the biggest update we’ve ever made: it is worth a look!

So, what’s new in this Wipolo iPhone app?

Add and edit your trips and plans

You are waiting for your flight at the airport and you have a few minutes to kill before your departure? In your trip “Paris-San Francisco”, add your road trip to the Yosemite National Park or anything else you’re planning to do. Complete your travel journal and improve your travel stats!

The same way you can add steps (and trips) from your iPhone app, you can now also edit all your travel plans! For example, correct your train schedule within 3 clicks.

Have fun with the Destination Wall

In the new “Explore” tab, you will discover the Destination Wall that you already know on the Wipolo website. Explore the world through the destinations pictures. Pin the ones you have been, and add the ones you want to go to in your wishlist.

Check out your new profile page!

We’ve improved your profile tab: check out your profile picture, get a quick access to your stats and to your destinations dashboard and wishlist.

Newsfeed: have more interactions with your friends through their travel news

As on, check out all your friends’ travel news in the newsfeed: one of your friends is planning a trip, another one is traveling to a city, another one is coming back from its holidays and a last one added a city to its Destination dashboard… Comment all these news and wish them “Have a good trip!”.

A notification center easier to use

Your trip has been added to your Wipolo account, someone wants to become your friend, a friend commented your travel news… All that information is gathered in your Notification Center, available in one click everywhere in your Wipolo iPhone app! And from your Notification Center, get a direct access to your account settings.

These 5 new features are the biggest ever integrated in the iPhone app! But we are not done yet! The tools and tagging friends feature has also been improved.

So here we go! Download here the new Wipolo iPhone app and discover by yourself all those shiny features.

Your opinion means a lot to us! Thanks to your feedback we can make Wipolo more and more amazing. Tell us what you think about this new iPhone version: write us a comment below this post or contact us at

Happy travels with Wipolo!

Discover the new Destinations dashboard on Wipolo!

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When you were a child, you might have pinned cities you had been on a map. You can now do it on Wipolo using the new Destinations dashboard! Check it out right here!

In your new Destinations Dashboard, discover all your visited cities pinned on a map. Add quickly and easily all the visited cities you didn’t add to your dashboard yet. Just enter the name of the destination and that’s it!

Change the map mode into the photos mode and discover your visited cities with lovely pictures!

In your Destinations Dashboard you will also find some stats about the cities pinned by your friends and by Wipolo travelers.

read more »