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How gentrification stimulates tourism in NYC

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Here we go for a new analysis about the tourism industry!

This week, we will focus on gentrification and its positive impact on tourism in NYC.


But first, what is gentrification?

It’s the term used for wealthy people settling in the middle-class districts.

Gentrification results from the rich families’ will to save money from their appartment rentings following the overall raising of housing rates.



This phenomenon deeply changed the economic and social status of most of the NYC disctricts

Luxury condominium progressively spread from Midtown Manhattan to Harlem and along the Lower East Side and Chinatown, mainly.

Economic forces which helped Big Apple to improve the industry of services are mainly composed of real estate investment in these districts which weren’t touristic at all in the 1970s.

To follow on theses local migrations to new districts, restaurants open in the surroundings, as well as banks et local entrepreneurship which evolves to meet the demand. Former manufacturing buildings are now hotels or working spaces. The local life evolve et and gets active. The districts are now transformed and you can now see ostentatious wealth and a new safety.

Gentrifaction made New-York’s surroundings more attractive for more and more visitors, bringing tourists and new catering businesses in theses districts where they were not before.

The development of technology and finance industries in theses districts added to the emergence of new cultural places attract both business and leisure touristic clientele. And the creation of home sharing floods some areas like the Bedford-Stuyvesant of Brooklyn. This growing passion for « living like the local people » makes theses districts crowded thanks to gentrification.

The lack of available hotel rooms in Manhattan mainly also helped a lot this phenomenon.

But finally, the result shows quite well what is the strength of New York tourism economy: a part of business and a part of gentrification which reflects perfectly the globalization of culture and tourism on the international scene.


Since 9/11, the record of visits in NYC has been reached in 2016 with 12,65 million international visitors and 47,6 millions domestic visitors, so 60,3 million visitors this past year. That’s a 67% raising since 2000 whereas meanwhile, NYC population just increased of 6%.


This phenomenon proves well that NYC is a complex destination in its fascinating aspect, with endless possibilities.


See you next week for a new article!


The Wipolo Team

The subscription economy: a new way to travel

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Because Wipolo is incredibly curious on top of being an amazing trip buddy, here is our little analysis of the week. Enjoy!

Today, the obsession of ownership becomes progressively outdated.

We assist to the emergence of a new way of consumption which enables a great part of freedom and based on an instantaneous use of this need, at some point : what you want, only when you want it. We don’t own products anymore, we just consume its use. This is the rising of the « non-ownership » culture.

A lot of attractive options are launched to answer this need of repeated shopping.
Digital and artificial intelligence are an integral part of our everyday life and are now essential as distribution channels for this new industry. We redevamp the customer experience as « suscriber experience ».


Some aims have to be respected to offer a suscriber experience which matches their expectations:

Personalization is key for an attractive subscription: because this business model is made to match better both ponctual and repetitive customers’ needs, it’s paramount for them to be able to chose a suscription which is like them and evolve with them.

Let suscribers control their account and their data: when a charged service is proposed by tacit agreement every month for example, trust quickly becomes the foundation on which the relationship between the suscriber and the brand is built. Earn this sought after faith is decided at the first connection: suscription, delivery service, customer service, billing and payment are key elements to conquer a suscriber. You also need to offer them a certain flexibility to manage their account. Privacy settings, for example, are greatly appreciated. This means not controling everything about data, but it’s paramount to convince new suscribers to choose you. In the suscription economy, the brand choosen by the suscriber is by definition its favorite one, a huge asset to boost retention. Interaction with other users (mainly friends and celebrities) also convince the suscribers thanks to a personalized content in which they identify themselves.

Let suscribers choose the level of service they want: because the suscription have to match with the suscriber, options have to be set up. It’s stimulates personalization we’ve just talked about previously. The users only pay what they need, for the duration they need: a flexibility which surely seduce them and oust the competitors.


This business model which is more and more used enables to revive some markets losing speed as we saw the music industry’s collapse at the end of the 1990’s and which became profitable again with the birth of suscriptions systems like Spotify or Deezer.

But how can it be applied to the tourism industry?

In transport for example, new offers to travel are created. They have already announced the beginning of the end for purchasing cars for few years. This is why new possibilities consumption in transport are emerging. Strengthened by the global sensibilization to sustainable development and by the millenials’, these digital natives, aspiration to networking and sharing economy, they answer their need of accessibility, convenience and fluidness. That’s on what Uber and Blablacar are based. But they are quite only occasional transports.
We now see new concepts appearing as the possibility to travel unlimited times a month by plane or by train, by way of monthly payment. A quickly profitable solution for all the globetrotters! This is what offers Surfair for example.
But enjoying an unlimited access to these transports is not enough: the suscribers have to feel like being part of a privileged club and taking advantage on additional exclusive privileges. So they can also benefit from a free upgrade for example.

This advantages are positive for both the suscribers and the brand: passengers become familiar to this travel model and are integrated to a privileged and pleasant group, and airlines strengthen their retention power.

But other types of subscriptions, that we find more original at Wipolo because they are kind of unexpected, see the day: it’s about travel boxes!
After cosmetics, wine and cheese, the travel lovers can now fin each month in their mailbox a little parcel which smells new horizons. Gastronomy, Do It Yourself, design, papercraft, art … all of this on the theme of the destination of the month: a true sensorial journey. We love this idea! (Two French boxes to shop: La BoxTrotteur and la Box de Nos Curieux Voyageurs.)

More innovations should appear in the tourism industry next years to answer this emerging need. At Wipolo, we can’t wait to see these mutations 🙂

See you very soon for some more news about our favorite industry, dear Wipolovers!

The Wipolo Team

2017 travel trends

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New year, new trends!
After analysis of travelers’ behaviours in 2016 and having matched different results from various surveys, we have determined some new trends which should appear in 2017:

Road to 2017

1) Digital technologies, fundamental element of the trip

For this new year, we will see a very fluent, seamless,  use of travel.
Nowadays, holidays are booked in « cross-device »: you book one part on your computer, another on your smartphone or your tablet and you view the entire trip on you smart watch. As the previous years, everything will be done via digital media on a huge quantity of various devices.

But digital technology is not just a tool to buy holidays, it is now a constitutive element of the journey.
Travelers have everything they need on their smartphone but it doesn’t mean they want to be left alone in this giant world after all.
What is important is not the technology but the feeling it gives.
Today, digital enables travelers to immerse themselves at the heart of the experience thanks to its « invisible » aspect. It is entirely integrated into the journey. We pass its functional aspect to integrate it in the living world: our smartphone is now our camera, our cityguide, our travel diary. It interacts with us, guides us, advices us. Which leaves more space to senses and contents.

Moreover, more than the half of travelers booking their trips on their smartphones think about using more travel apps in 2017. What should make the Wipolovers’ family bigger!


2) The video reign

Emotion is now a key element in the travel industry and travelers are more connected to their « tribe » than ever on the social media. With their smartphones and the popularisation of « action cameras » thanks to which you can now record all your leisure activities, even underwater, video is becoming the unavoidable medium to share all your adventures in high quality with your friends and your followers, as if they were there.

For the same reasons, video is also an additional motivation while choosing a destination. It enables virtual immersions thanks to what the traveler can look to their future trip. For example, we learn in an article from Unigo agency that « 72% of American people watch at least one video to choose their holidays’ destination.

In 2017, video becomes THE main medium for trips.


3) The perpetual rising of « bleisure »

Created from « business » and « leisure » terms, it stands for this last years trend to extend business trips to better enjoy the destination after.

In 2016, 49% of business travelers have extended their business trips to enjoy leisure activities after. And statistics let us think that 75% of them are going to do the same in 2017.
Formerly considered as a loss of time, business trips are now an opportunity to visit new countries, broaden horizons and evolve professionally while enjoying a new destination.

A trend that should be followed and even rised this year.


4) Broadenning horizons

Our planet hides a lot of maravellous places to discover and this new year will be a year of exploration.
45% of travelers plan to be more audacious while choosing their holidays’ destinations. And half of them would like to discover places their friends don’t know.
Travelers’ will to discover new regions express a real need of authenticity while traveling.

In 2017, people would rather travel to Jordan, Canada, Montenegro and Indonesia, for the explorers’ souls.


5) Popular destinations for 2017

Regarding destinations which should be appreciated in 2017, we find Chile, Cambodia and South Africa as travelers need to explorate new horizons and more authenticity.
But we will also travel a lot to the Maldives Islands, California and Portugal. Sun, sun and sun again!


Happy travels and best wishes 2017!


The Wipolo Team

Traveling with Wipolo, you’re always ready to go!

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2016 starts big for Wipolo! Your travel app keeps making your life easier but evolves in order to suit you even better! Our new motto :  traveling with Wipolo, you’re always ready to go! To represent this new mission, we revamped Wipolo’s design.

The beginning of 2015  was filled with changes: a widened team, new headquarters, exciting projects ahead of us… We also spent time listening to your feedbacks to understand how you use Wipolo and how we could improve it to suit your needs even better. Enriched with all this material, we also changed the design of Wipolo to stick with our new motto!



Our new logo

We are very happy and proud to unveil our new logo! It represents adaptation, an essential characteristic in a startup life and open-mindedness, a fondamental value in Travel. The logo can take an infinity of different forms, depending on what you need, while following you everywhere during your trip.


Our address is changing too!

Our email address (the one you use to forward your booking emails) is now: A short word representing the dynamic of movement you can find in traveling and in innovation, two of our favorite themes here at Wipolo.

By the way, do not worry if you still forward your booking emails to instead of, it still works !


Check out these changes on our website and in our iPhone and android apps.

And don’t forget that something will always be true at Wipolo: we give a great importance to your feedbacks! Keep sharing your experiences with our service and tell us if you like the new Wipolo or not: feel free to contact us at or send us a tweet at @wipolo!


Talk to you soon!


The Wipolo Team



The auto import feature is available for Outlook, Live, Hotmail inboxes

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Do you use Outlook mailboxes (Hotmail, Live, Outlook…)? Wipolo will simplify even more your traveler life thanks to our auto import feature, now available for these inboxes. Already available for few months with Google Mail mailboxes, it will detect when you receive booking emails in your inbox, then it will import and process them automatically, exactly as if you had forwarded them to!



How does it work?

Sync your mailbox with your Wipolo account. Then, when a booking email shows up, our robot will import it, according to their sender (generally used by travel providers):,….

If the sender is not in the list, our robot won’t be able to import your email. No worries, you can still forward your booking email to at any time!

Let’s go! Click here to activate the auto import feature for your Outlook (Hotmail, live…) email addresses!

If you need more information concerning the auto import feature you can check out our FAQ here or feel free to drop us an email to!

Brand new feature: share your trip plan information by text message

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Today let us introduce you a brand new feature available with the last iPhone and Android updates. From now on you can text your trip plan information!

“In which hotel will you stay?”, “I will pick you up at the station, what is your arrival time?”. All of us have already heard these questions! From now on you will be able to answer them quickly and effortless.

How does the “text my plan” feature work?

1) Go to your trip plan, your one return train for example

2) Click on the Share button on the top right corner and on “text my plan”


3) Choose your recipient(s) and add a personal note in the text if you want too


4) Send


Any question about this feature? Don’t hesitate on asking us in the comment section right below!

Brand new feature: no need to forward your booking emails anymore

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We have an early Christmas gift for you: an amazing brand new feature. We are sure the connected travelers you are will love it!

As you know it the Wipolo’s magic is to turn your booking emails you forward to into a beautiful trip itinerary. From now on, you don’t have to forward your emails; we can do it for you. Let us introduce you the auto import feature!


Do not forget to forward your booking emails anymore, let Wipolo import them for you

So, what is the auto import feature and how does it work? Put in a nutshell, you sync your Google Mail inbox with your Wipolo account. Then, when a booking email arrives, Wipolo detects it and process it exactly the same as when you forward it.

Please note that this feature is in beta version. It is only available for Google Mail accounts at the moment, and it works with a limited numbers of providers. You can find the list of the supported providers here. That means that if you book an email on another provider website, you will have to forward your email to

Give a try at the auto import feature right now, turn it on in your Wipolo account settings here.

We always listen carefully to your feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us a tweet @Wipolo or an email to It will be very useful to improve the feature!

Season’s greetings from the team Wipolo! See you in 2015!

Brand new iPhone and Android apps: what’s new?

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We are proud and happy to announce that brand new apps are available on the stores! Download now the iPhone app and the Android app. What did we add in this new version? Here are the major changes:

>The day deduction before your next trip and direct access

With the banner on the home page you can now check how long you will have to wait before your next trip. Click on it and access directly to your trip itinerary!

>A brand new design and more pictures

Discover an uncluttered and flat design. There are more pictures linked to your trips for a lively, beautiful and more personalized app! You will find them in the tab “My trips” where a cover displays the picture of your next destination. As explained previously you will also find them in the Home page banner.

>An app even more user-friendly!

Amongst the changes: you have now access to all the documents related to your trips including a weather tool. You can find these specific information’s on the tabs above your trip details. The comments and likes from your friends are located in the bottom of the trip page.
All in all many changes have been implemented in order to offer you a better user experience!

Check out all these modifications by yourself: download the iPhone app or the Android app. We are always very interested in knowing what you think of Wipolo. Feel free to write to us ( or send us a tweet (@wipolo) to share your impressions!

Poll: what is your favourite travel guide app?

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When you’re traveling which app do you use to visit a destination? That’s what we would like to know thanks to this poll. Thanks in advance for taking few seconds to answer!

If your answer is missing, feel free to share your favourite travel guide with us in the comments below!

[poll id=’4′]

2013 travel stats on Wipolo: 10 637 trips around the world!

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January is one of our favourite month in the Team Wipolo because it’s the moment to count the travel stats for the former year. In 2013 you, amazing Wipolo travelers, you broke the records again!

– You traveled 264 392 107.592 miles which is the equivalent of 10637 trips around the world!

– You spent 809 204 hours in planes and 301 544 hours in trains which is the equivalent of 126 years spent in transportation!! Enough time to travel 14 809 times to the moon!

What amazing stats, isn’t it?! All the Team thanks you for taking Wipolo with you for all those great trips! We wish you as much trips in 2014, full of discoveries and great travel experiences!

You can check out your personal statistics in your Wipolo profile, in the tab “stats”. Or click here.

Happy travels!