2017 travel trends

New year, new trends!
After analysis of travelers’ behaviours in 2016 and having matched different results from various surveys, we have determined some new trends which should appear in 2017:

Road to 2017

1) Digital technologies, fundamental element of the trip

For this new year, we will see a very fluent, seamless,  use of travel.
Nowadays, holidays are booked in « cross-device »: you book one part on your computer, another on your smartphone or your tablet and you view the entire trip on you smart watch. As the previous years, everything will be done via digital media on a huge quantity of various devices.

But digital technology is not just a tool to buy holidays, it is now a constitutive element of the journey.
Travelers have everything they need on their smartphone but it doesn’t mean they want to be left alone in this giant world after all.
What is important is not the technology but the feeling it gives.
Today, digital enables travelers to immerse themselves at the heart of the experience thanks to its « invisible » aspect. It is entirely integrated into the journey. We pass its functional aspect to integrate it in the living world: our smartphone is now our camera, our cityguide, our travel diary. It interacts with us, guides us, advices us. Which leaves more space to senses and contents.

Moreover, more than the half of travelers booking their trips on their smartphones think about using more travel apps in 2017. What should make the Wipolovers’ family bigger!


2) The video reign

Emotion is now a key element in the travel industry and travelers are more connected to their « tribe » than ever on the social media. With their smartphones and the popularisation of « action cameras » thanks to which you can now record all your leisure activities, even underwater, video is becoming the unavoidable medium to share all your adventures in high quality with your friends and your followers, as if they were there.

For the same reasons, video is also an additional motivation while choosing a destination. It enables virtual immersions thanks to what the traveler can look to their future trip. For example, we learn in an article from Unigo agency that « 72% of American people watch at least one video to choose their holidays’ destination.

In 2017, video becomes THE main medium for trips.


3) The perpetual rising of « bleisure »

Created from « business » and « leisure » terms, it stands for this last years trend to extend business trips to better enjoy the destination after.

In 2016, 49% of business travelers have extended their business trips to enjoy leisure activities after. And statistics let us think that 75% of them are going to do the same in 2017.
Formerly considered as a loss of time, business trips are now an opportunity to visit new countries, broaden horizons and evolve professionally while enjoying a new destination.

A trend that should be followed and even rised this year.


4) Broadenning horizons

Our planet hides a lot of maravellous places to discover and this new year will be a year of exploration.
45% of travelers plan to be more audacious while choosing their holidays’ destinations. And half of them would like to discover places their friends don’t know.
Travelers’ will to discover new regions express a real need of authenticity while traveling.

In 2017, people would rather travel to Jordan, Canada, Montenegro and Indonesia, for the explorers’ souls.


5) Popular destinations for 2017

Regarding destinations which should be appreciated in 2017, we find Chile, Cambodia and South Africa as travelers need to explorate new horizons and more authenticity.
But we will also travel a lot to the Maldives Islands, California and Portugal. Sun, sun and sun again!


Happy travels and best wishes 2017!


The Wipolo Team

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