The auto import feature is available for Outlook, Live, Hotmail inboxes

Do you use Outlook mailboxes (Hotmail, Live, Outlook…)? Wipolo will simplify even more your traveler life thanks to our auto import feature, now available for these inboxes. Already available for few months with Google Mail mailboxes, it will detect when you receive booking emails in your inbox, then it will import and process them automatically, exactly as if you had forwarded them to!



How does it work?

Sync your mailbox with your Wipolo account. Then, when a booking email shows up, our robot will import it, according to their sender (generally used by travel providers):,….

If the sender is not in the list, our robot won’t be able to import your email. No worries, you can still forward your booking email to at any time!

Let’s go! Click here to activate the auto import feature for your Outlook (Hotmail, live…) email addresses!

If you need more information concerning the auto import feature you can check out our FAQ here or feel free to drop us an email to!

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