Brand new feature: no need to forward your booking emails anymore

We have an early Christmas gift for you: an amazing brand new feature. We are sure the connected travelers you are will love it!

As you know it the Wipolo’s magic is to turn your booking emails you forward to into a beautiful trip itinerary. From now on, you don’t have to forward your emails; we can do it for you. Let us introduce you the auto import feature!


Do not forget to forward your booking emails anymore, let Wipolo import them for you

So, what is the auto import feature and how does it work? Put in a nutshell, you sync your Google Mail inbox with your Wipolo account. Then, when a booking email arrives, Wipolo detects it and process it exactly the same as when you forward it.

Please note that this feature is in beta version. It is only available for Google Mail accounts at the moment, and it works with a limited numbers of providers. You can find the list of the supported providers here. That means that if you book an email on another provider website, you will have to forward your email to

Give a try at the auto import feature right now, turn it on in your Wipolo account settings here.

We always listen carefully to your feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us a tweet @Wipolo or an email to It will be very useful to improve the feature!

Season’s greetings from the team Wipolo! See you in 2015!

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