2013 travel stats on Wipolo: 10 637 trips around the world!

January is one of our favourite month in the Team Wipolo because it’s the moment to count the travel stats for the former year. In 2013 you, amazing Wipolo travelers, you broke the records again!

– You traveled 264 392 107.592 miles which is the equivalent of 10637 trips around the world!

– You spent 809 204 hours in planes and 301 544 hours in trains which is the equivalent of 126 years spent in transportation!! Enough time to travel 14 809 times to the moon!

What amazing stats, isn’t it?! All the Team thanks you for taking Wipolo with you for all those great trips! We wish you as much trips in 2014, full of discoveries and great travel experiences!

You can check out your personal statistics in your Wipolo profile, in the tab “stats”. Or click here.

Happy travels!

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